For Sale – 1935 Oldsmobile F35 Saloon


For Sale – 1935 Oldsmobile F35 Saloon

Vehicle Details

  • Very rare right-handed drive
  • Six-cylinder side valve
  • Engine fully rebuilt
  • Bodywork and underneath excellent
  • Very advanced for 1935 hydraulic brakes, independent front suspension and build in radio by Oldsmobile
  • Interior very good, loads of room
  • Ideal for weddings




If you are interested in purchasing this vehicle, please contact us below. You can also click HERE to see alternative contact details.



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1 thought on “For Sale – 1935 Oldsmobile F35 Saloon”

  1. My dad restored and ran this car during my childhood in the 70’s, back then it was dark blue. I was lucky enough to be able to get to drive it. Great street presence and always attracted positive public attention.

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